Summary of the Board's December 4, 2013 Meeting

At its final meeting of 2013, the Board welcomed the PMPRB's new Executive Director, Doug Clark.

The Chair formally tabled the revised Guidelines for the Conduct of Board Members. As of January 2014, Board Members will submit a Declaration of Familiarization, both upon appointment and annually, indicating that they have reviewed the Chair's Guidelines, and the related legislation and codes, and understand their obligation to comply with the requirements therein.

The Board finalized the results of its September Strategic Planning Session, reviewed its priorities and discussed its upcoming policy development agenda. As well, the Board reviewed comments submitted on the October 2013 Notice and Comment on the CPI-Adjustment Methodology initiative. The Board approved a lagged CPI-Adjustment Methodology, replacing a forecast CPI methodology with actual when calculating the CPI-Adjustment Factor for the forecast period. This New Lagged CPI-Adjustment Methodology will be implemented on January 1, 2015.

Board members were briefed on several issues and given progress reports on a number of initiatives including the Guidelines Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, the Regulatory Burden Reduction initiative and NPDUIS studies.

The Board's next quarterly meeting will be scheduled in mid-March.

For additional information, please contact the Director, Board Secretariat and Communications, at 1-877-861-2350 or 613-954-8299 or at

See the Summary of Board Meetings page for a complete list of previous quarterly meetings.

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