The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) is committed to listening to the voices and views of Canadians, and to including them in decision making. Effective and meaningful stakeholder involvement is essential to enable the PMPRB to fulfil its mandate, deliver programs, launch new initiatives, and build public trust.

As outlined in the Consultation Policy, the PMPRB strives to regularly engage industry and other stakeholders through a variety of channels. Dialogue leads to more creative solutions, more effective policies, and better decision making. The PMPRB undertakes the following types of consultations:

  1. Notice and Comment initiatives
    From time to time the PMPRB invites comment from the public on changes to its Guidelines, employing a Notice and Comment process.

  2. Major Consultations
    When the PMPRB is considering changes to its Guidelines, Regulations or policies that it expects could have a major impact, the PMPRB may, in addition to the Notice and Comment process, host public, face-to-face consultations across Canada to ensure all stakeholders have the opportunity to provide informed, detailed responses in-person to Board Staff. These consultations are based on a detailed analysis of the issues at hand provided to participants in advance of the consultation.

  3. Working Groups
    When a potential avenue for improving the PMPRB’s Guidelines, Regulations or policies is identified, Board Staff will periodically convene a working group to address the issue. A working group is a group of experts representing key stakeholders with the goal of reporting conclusions and recommendations on technical or complex issues.

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