Mission and Values

The mission of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) is to contribute to Canadian health care by ensuring that prices of patented medicines are not excessive and by analyzing and reporting to Canadians on price trends of all medicines and on research and development conducted by patentees. The PMPRB achieves this by:

  • promoting voluntary compliance with the Guidelines established by the Board;
  • reviewing prices and taking remedial action when necessary;
  • consulting with interested parties on Guidelines and other matters of policy; and
  • fostering awareness of the Board's mandate, activities and achievements through communication, dissemination of information and public education.

In fulfilling the mission we are committed to innovative leadership based on the following values:

  • effectiveness and efficiency;
  • fairness;
  • integrity;
  • mutual respect;
  • transparency;
  • a supportive and challenging work environment
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